Quirks & Compulsions
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The show about overanalyzing the overlooked. Your hosts, Anthony Colangelo, Patrick Marsceill, and Aura Seltzer discuss their obsessions with life's minutiae.

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    Episode 02 - I Thought I Had Moths

    Today's Topic: Laundry. In Part 1 of a two-part episode, the hosts discuss when and how they perform this mundane activity and share where their clothes reside once clean.

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    Episode 01 - Do the Chop Chop

    Today's topic: Sandwiches. Anthony discusses mixing the meats. Aura and Patrick disapprove of the cutlet.

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    Episode 00 - My Wheelie is Long Enough

    Today's Topic: Packing for Travel. The origin story of the podcast is revealed. The hosts also discuss various packing methods, emergency socks and underwear and how to deal with dirty laundry while traveling.